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Presenters & Class Descriptions

PlayboyTV's Dr. Jess presents two workshops: Jealousy Isn't a Four-letter Word and Hot Sex Tips, Licks and Tricks for Couples!

Jealousy Isn't a Four-letter Word and Hot Sex Tips, Licks and Tricks for Couples

Jealousy Isn't a 4-letter Word

Presented by Dr. Jess

Experiencing feelings of jealousy is perfectly normal for vanilla and Lifestyle folks alike. In this session, we will explore the roots of jealousy, identify openings for positive outcomes and examine positive communication tools to overcome common relationship challenges. This will be a fun, interactive session!

Hot Sex Tips, Licks and Tricks for Couples: Sizzling Touch and Tongue Techniques for Amazing Orgasms

Presented by Dr. Jess

Mindblowing sex isn't just about intercourse - it is about titillating all of the body's hot spots and erogenous zones to peak arousal and build amazing orgasms. Hot Sex Tips, Licks and Tricks teaches couples how to use their hands, fingers, and tongue to build and prolong arousal, control ejaculation, and give their partner (and themselves) incredible orgasms.

**Required Materials: pillow, lube, towels, blanket and/or sheet.**

Dr. Jess' Bio

Jess O'Reilly began working as a sexuality counsellor in 2001 and she has never looked back! Her PhD studies involved the development of training programs in sex education for teachers and her education and undergraduate degrees focused on equity and sexual diversity. Her training includes courses in counselling skills, resolving sexual concerns, sex education, clinical sexology, sexual development, sex and disability, group therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Alongside her academic and television credits, Dr. Jess is also an accomplished writer and her first Hot Sex Tips, Tricks and Licks is already a best-seller.

Diving Into Ecstasy: An Introduction to Tantric Sex

Diving Into Ecstacy: An Introduction to Tantric Sex

At this two hour playshop you’ll explore the building blocks of Tantric Sex.

·Wake up your Tantric erogenous zones and energy centers.

·Unleash the combined might of sound and body movement for building your bliss.

·Train your love muscles to bring you more pleasure and more staying power.

·Experience the potency of breath for deepening your lovemaking connection.

·Use the magic of visualization to expand your ecstasy quotient.

·Discover the awesome power of your sexual energy--how to build it, store it, move it and share it with your lover.

·Find out how positions like the “YabYum” and the “Lover’s Scissors” are perfect for Tantra energy sharing.

This is an experiential session, some exercises you’ll do on your own, others with a partner. No nudity or explicit sexual activity involved.

Pala & Al's Bio

Pala Copeland and Al Link, co-authors of 4 books, including Soul Sex: Tantra for Two and the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Supercharged Kama Sutra, have been practicing Tantra since 1987 and teaching about sacred sex and conscious relationships since 1997. At their website,, you’ll find their many ebooks; their DVDs and Home Study courses about Tantra, the Kama Sutra, and Sexual Techniques; their CDs of Tantra Energy Meditations; and information about their Couples’ Retreats. They offer everything you need to create passionate, spiritual, evolving relationships. The Discovery Channel’s Sex Files says “Al and Pala teach couples how to have the best sex of their lives.” Learn Pala and Al’s simple steps to sexual bliss at their Diving Into Ecstasy playshop.

Parenting & Alternative Lifestyles

Presented by Haven & Calla

Here you are exploring, or diving head first into a new lifestyle, as a parent and the question I know has crossed your mind "Am I going to fuck up my kids life?" Come listen to Haven deLancret talk about exactly that from both as a child that was raised by geeky, pagan, poly, kinky, D/s, SCA, (maybe more) parents who is also raising kids of his own within many of those same lifestyles and others. Stories will be shared of his own experiences as well as the experiences of his many friends and family from those lifestyles.

Humiliation & Degradation

Presented by Haven & Calla

A presentation on how to incorporate humiliation and degradation into your scenes. Information on why some enjoy this kind of activity, as well as why its not for everyone. I will also share some of the pitfalls that come with this kind of activity and hopefully how you can avoid them. Focusing on not only the how, but also on preparation and aftercare. Short demo to be included.

Haven & Calla's Bio

Haven & Calla do presentations on Relationships, Sex, BDSM, KINK, and communication. They have done classes, led discussions and panels at conventions, private parties, and functions all over MI. These have been on everything from "How to spice up your relationship" to "Domination and submission" and everything in between. They have focused on introduction and intermediate classes. Haven has been interested in BDSM for most of his life and is lucky enough to come from parents that are into the same. This has lead to a good understanding of most things BDSM and given him a great resource for getting questions answered. Check out his 'Kinky as I am' blog!

Rope 101

Presented by Lord Thomas and Angel L'Amoure

Rope bondage for beginners: Why rope, safety considerations, basic how to's and uses.

Hands on presentation, demonstration, discussion.

**Required materials - At least three, 7 meter lengths of rope.**

Rope Show

Presented by Lord Thomas and Angel L'Amoure

Dynamic Rope Suspension performance

Lord Thomas and Angel's Bio

Watch one performance with Lord Thomas and his lovely little angel and you will know exactly what they mean by "Erotic Rope Energy". Thomas and Angel have been performing Dynamic Rope Suspension for nearly a decade and often appear at local clubs and private parties all around the Midwest. Most recently they were seen at the Detroit Dirty Show and Club 616 Fantasy and Fetish Night and Midsummer Night's Dream parties, where Angel's energetic aerial rope dance left the crowd breathless and awestruck! They have presented for vanilla educational symposiums; swingers clubs; BDSM events and demonstrations; and almost any other type of kink oriented event you can imagine.

Rosy Cheeks: Taking Spanking Up A Notch

Presented by JeepDaddyChris & ruby_ruthie as seen on Fetlife's 'Kinky & Popular'

When a few slaps to the cheeks becomes something more...

It may have started with a test slap during sex and they didn’t turn around and slug you. It's moved on to a few swats, here and there. Maybe you pull them over your lap while sitting on the couch and you spank those beautiful globes half a dozen times. Now it's gotten to the point where they’re crawling over your lap and asking to be spanked. You might be thinking, "What have I created?"

Congratulations, you've got your partner interested in the submission and sensation of a firm hand. Now it's time to take it up a notch.

Chris and Ruth will demonstrate some of their regular play. Done correctly, it can leave her panting and begging for more. A good spanking can be like sex. Building up a good rhythm and your partner will anticipate the next blow. The sensations will build and spread over the entire body, sometimes even bringing her to orgasm.

They'll wrap up by taking questions from the audience, discuss techniques, implements and their love for spanking.

Chris & Ruth's Bio

Both Chris and Ruth grew up with a deep interest in spanking and met because of their love for it. They built their relationship with spanking as the foundation and continue to incorporate different types of play into their marriage. On FetLife, their videos have gained quite a following and they love an audience in real life as well. They’ve become very active in the fetish community co-hosting many events and have recently created a new event where people can come and explore their own kinks in what is currently the only place space for kinksters in Grand Rapids.

Debriefing on the Penal Code: Addressing Legal Issues with Alternative Lifestyles

Presented by Larissa Z. & Attorney Clark_Kent_

Living an alternative lifestyle, whether it be Kink, Poly, Swing or something else, will usually raise legal issues because those lifestyle choices do not usually fit within the framework of the law. BDSM as generally defined by the kink community is a mutually beneficial relationship where all parties involved derive some sort of satisfaction or pleasure from the BDSM relationship or acts performed during a scene. The Law however, has a different idea of BDSM. This difference in viewpoint can cause complication and lead to prosecution for serious felonies such as assault and/or battery and sexual assault crimes. This class will examine what the differences are between different criminal prosecutions and to what extent the law will allow such 'criminal conduct' to be excused by the fact that the injured participant consented to have harm done to her or him. We will also examine Michigan laws on consent and assault, the “Consent Counts” movement within the BDSM community, and privacy laws, as they relate to the idea of consent and a BDSM relationship.

Larissa Z's Bio

Larissa Z. is a Lansing-area attorney with experience in a variety of areas, including criminal law, family law, commercial real estate, estate planning, and discrimination to name a few. Larissa is friendly to alternative lifestyles, including the BDSM community, and has worked with clients over the years involved in non-traditional relationships. Her main professional goal is to ensure people understand the legal issues they are facing. Far too often, she has seen people act or not act, out of fear due to misunderstanding the law, or not understanding it at all. The law is inherently nebulous; she strives to provide clarity so that people can understand their choices and rights, and make informed decisions. Larissa is also a qualified Mediator for general civil matters and is currently undergoing certification for domestic matters. She has been practicing in the Lansing area for nearly 8 years, and has been nominated as a "Top of the Town" attorney for the past two years.

Boudoir Photography Workshop

Photos and Boudoir Photography Workshop by RAW Photography

Presented by RAW Photography

Comedy Show

Grand Rapids Laughfest & Funniest Person in GR Finalists

Come watch Grand Rapids funniest comedians give us a private performance! They absolutely love doing this for us, they can really let loose at this special comedy show!

Collaring Ceremony

Commitment: BDSM style.

Receiving your collar is a special occasion for many submissives and slaves. For some, this time means a celebration of your relationship and the commitment that is about to happen. Come join several couples in the local community and help them celebrate their commitments to one another!

BDSM 101

Presented by Sailis and Stella

We all have to start somewhere, and this is a great place to do just that. Come learn some of the common fetishes and kinks, basic kink safety, terminology, and some tips to finding others that have the same interests. Let us give you a guided tour of BDSM along with some ideas on how you too can get kinky!

Pole Dancing Class

Presented by Harli

Learn some dance pole tricks to show off at the dance! Harli will teach you some basic moves, let you practice and give you pointers.

Ask a Swinger

There's no 'right' way to swing, but come see how some long-standing members of the community make it work at this panel discussion. Please bring any questions you have!

Ask a BDSMer

Curious, but don't know where to start? Ask some veteran BDSMers their advice at this discussion panel!

Tarot Readings

Free tarot readings, see what your cards say for the weekend! What will they say about your future?

Knife Class

Learn the power, excitement and sensuality that can be found at the edge of a blade against the skin. Learn how to use knifes, claws, large blades, even your own nails in scenes and other sexual fun. Feel free to bring your own blades and see that any edge can be used in this way.

2 on 1 Couples' Massage Workshop

Learn how to massage your partner with tips and tricks from our certified massage therapist. You'll learn techniques to really get to those trouble spots. Massages are such a good thing for a relationship. It's another great way to bond with your significant other. A couples massage is a wonderful gift to share with each other. Not only will it strengthen the bond between a couple, it can reduce stress for both the giver and the recipient.